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Showroom is Your Beauty Video Network. Watch 30-second makeup shows...

Showroom is Your Beauty Video Network. Watch 30-second makeup shows by Hollywood celebrity makeup artists and order the featured products instantly. Open your own Showroom and host 30-second shows about products you love. Shop Showroom for our favorite Makeup, Skincare, Hair care, Fragrance, Body and Bath, Tools and Accessories.

“ YouTube videos are too long. Vine and Instagram videos are too short. Showroom's 30-second format is perfect for me to share beauty tips and product recommendations! ” - Shannon, celebrity makeup artist

" Clients often ask me what hair products to use and where to buy them. Now I tell them to watch my shows and order them on Showroom! " - Chris, celebrity hairstylist

“ I’m busy and need to make smart buying decisions quickly. Showroom’s 30-second recommendations are just in time! ” - Julia, architect

With Showroom, shoppers no longer have to read boring product descriptions or fake comments. Just watch shows made by happy customers and shop instantly.

For beauty advisors, bloggers, makeup artists and hairstylists, the Showroom app is a one-stop solution for recording, editing, publishing, sharing and monetizing beauty shows. 

For brands, Showroom is an innovative mobile video marketing platform to connect with the mobile generation directly. Contact us at to create a branded Showroom.

- Watch Featured Shows for tutorials and recommendations by celebrity makeup artists
- Follow your favorite Showrooms and get the latest shows in your Feed
- Shop our Beauty Channels for Makeup, Skincare, Hair care, Fragrance, Body & Bath products
- Host your own show for any product available at and other beauty stores
- Create shows with multiple video clips and time-lapse
- Edit your show easily and add voice over, music and transitions
- Preview your show instantly with real-time rendering
- Publish your show on the Showroom shopping network in minutes
- Share your shows on Facebook and Twitter with one click
- @Tag your friends in comments
- Search for users or products
- See all you notifications in Notification Center

It's Show Time!
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